Doctrinal Distinctive

We believe in the one true and living God in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Bible as God’s inspired, infallible and inerrant Word to mankind. It is the source of our faith, revealing all that is necessary for life and salvation.

We believe God made Adam, our first father, the representative head of the human race, holy and upright.

We believe Adam sinned and brought death, condemnation, and a sinful nature on himself and his offspring.

We believe man does not have the power to love and serve God, or trust in Christ on his own. Everyone is a sinner in need of salvation and a restored, reconciled relationship to God.

We believe God elected innumerable men and women to eternal life apart from His foresight of human faith and merit, for His own glory.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That He came in human form, that He was born of a virgin by the power of the Spirit, that He was perfect, and that He is God and man. He was crucified – dying for the sins of all who trust in Him by faith. We believe that He rose from the dead on the third day, and that He continues to live eternally.

We believe that Jesus is the only way to know a restored relationship with God the Father, that Jesus will return again in body, and He now rules and intercedes for His people.

We believe that the Spirit uses the Word of God to regenerate the elect to faith in Christ, the Savior.

We believe God justifies the elect by grace, through faith, on the basis of the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the local church as part of born-again believers throughout all the world and throughout all time given the ministry of sharing the good news about Jesus to their community and to the world.

Our Core Values

· MPBC understands that the worship of the Triune God under-girds all that we do as a church.

· MPBC members determine to live our lives under the authority of Scripture.

·MPBC  strives to encourage and equip families to become strong and healthy according to the teachings of the Bible.

· MPBC members commit to pursue the means of sanctification through which the Holy Spirit might mature them as followers of Christ.

·MPBC desires to grow in the understanding of who our God is through formal and informal learning.

· MPBC members long to cultivate close friendships with others with whom they may delight in life and the things of God.

· MPBC welcomes every church member to become involved in some aspect of the church ministry.

MPBC members seek out others, lovingly telling them about their need for a Savior, and pointing them to Christ.


Our Purpose

Our purpose as an assembly of believers is to make known the supremacy of God through the Lord Jesus Christ and to enjoy an intimate relationship with our God. Also, God is the master-designer and creator of the church and has directed us in His Word, the Bible, what we are to do as a church to accomplish the above purpose.  We have summed up the “how” of exalting God in the church with five words:

Proclaim—We seek to proclaim what God has revealed about Himself in the Bible and how we are to respond to such a God. As a church, we are committed to God-honoring and God-centered preaching and teaching. We desire to conform every aspect of our lives to His Word through the proper understanding of the biblical text, as well as a correct application of the text.

Praise—We love to worship God, for He alone is worthy of our praises. As with our proclamation, we seek to bring praises to God that are in keeping with His self-revelation. In our songs, prayers, and giving we recognize only one audience—God.

Prepare—Christ calls every believer to proclaim the Good News (Gospel) of salvation through Jesus to a lost world. As a church, we seek to equip our members to be ministers of this Gospel. Whether in a church classroom, in a home across the street, or a nation across the globe, we are excited to tell others about Jesus. There are many avenues at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church to grow in your faith.

Partnership—As a church family, we are partners together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a unique bond between those who have tasted of the grace of God. We desire to support each other in our Christian maturity, as well as in the work of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurt and wounded world.

People – Ultimately, we do not want to simply be about propositional truth, but about touching the lives of people. Whether it is in our worship service, in our community, or in our backyards, we want to see the love, mercy and grace of God brought to others. We know that God loves you; we want you to know that, too. Through the same love that Christ our Savior has demonstrated, we desire to guard, protect, and love those who are vulnerable, hurting, or lost.